Google Marketing Platform (GMP)

The future of digital marketing is promising. The amount of data available to segment and address users is growing by the day, and automation and artificial intelligence enable an increasingly personalised and automated approach. That’s the theory, at least. In practice, advertisers are faced with the immense challenge of refining all data in compliance with the GDPR, taking into account cross-channel factors when managing their campaigns and reliably evaluating the measures taken.

The Google Marketing Platform (GMP) – on which Google bundles its marketing and data tools ranging from campaign management to advertising material design and tracking – offers a promising solution. Be it first or third-party data, you can collect the knowledge you have gathered about customers and target groups in a way that complies with GDPR, and share and use it across all tools. As a certified GMP partner, we advise and assist you in dealing with this powerful technology. Join us and dive into the era of data-driven, cross-channel digital marketing!

Wolfgang Schilling

"The Google Marketing Platform is a groundbreaking solution for ambitious companies that wish to take their digital marketing to a new level. If you want to analyze the Customer Journey of your customers efficiently and manage advertising spending across all channels over any sort of meaningful period of time, there is no way around technologies such as GMP." (Wolfgang Schilling, Managing Director)

We are here to assist you throughout the entire process as a certified partner, regardless of whether you are merely contemplating using the Google Marketing Platform or you already have a license. We provide you with strategic advice on the use of GMP in your company, assist you with anything you may need when it comes to purchasing licenses, and perform the operational work on the platform as an agency on your behalf. Whether you need a GMP partner by your side throughout the entire process or just in individual phases, across the entire GMP or specifically in individual tools, from consulting to implementation, you can rely on us.


Google Marketing Platform - GMP Consulting

The main strength of the Google Marketing Platform is its integrative ability to combine various marketing technologies into one system. The aggregation of all available data in one place enables cross-channel attribution and management while factoring in complex KPIs such as the customer lifetime value of your customers, which was previously only possible with enormous effort, if at all.

However, an experience pilot is needed to unleash the full power of the Google Marketing Platform. We work together with you to develop strategies that incorporate GMP technology to break down the barriers between branding and performance and create a comprehensive marketing approach that uses all available data for management, evaluation, and optimization.

As a certified GMP partner, we advise you on which features would be right for you and if they would be worth it. When it comes to our resellers, we assist you in the acquisition of licenses and create the conditions needed to make setting up the GMP a smooth process. We provide you with support in developing your strategy and, if required, we also perform the operational work on the Google Marketing Platform – holistically across all tools or in specific targeted areas. We guarantee a transfer of expertise over the course of the cooperation and through training sessions, which will enable you to act as your own pilot in the GMP cockpit.

Google Marketing Platform – GMP Tools & Services

The Google Marketing Platform bundles seven tools. While the licensing of the complete solution is currently only worthwhile for advertisers with large budgets, the use of individual features can generate added value even at lower levels of spending. We provide you with strategic and operational support, be it holistically across the entire GMP or in selected features.

Display & Video 360

The DV360 module is used to deliver advertising campaigns systematically while factoring in extensive audience data. The demand-side platform makes it possible to book display, video, and native advertising inventory as open or private auctions. As a license holder, we have experience working with this feature and would be happy to advise you on how to get the most out of DV360. We also offer you the option of delivering your campaigns using our DV360 license. This way, you can easily access both the feature and Google’s powerful data without having to purchase your own license.
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Search Ads 360

SA360 is an extension to the free Google Ads, which makes it possible to manage search campaigns across search engines. The tool’s intelligent bid management functions make campaign management more efficient. As one of the leading SEA agencies across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, we work intensively with Search Ads 360 and manage the campaigns of well-known clients using this tool. We would be more than happy to take a look at whether Search Ads 360 would make sense for you, what advantages it would bring you, and how you could improve your SEA setup.
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Analytics 360

One of the Google Marketing Platform’s key strengths is being able to link your marketing activities with the knowledge on the behaviour of your website’s users. Analytics 360 is a useful extension of the free basic version for websites that experience high volumes of traffic. Google Analytics records visitors to your website in real time and, thanks to its close integration within GMP, allows the data to be used in your campaigns immediately. Our data specialists will advise you on the functionalities and provide you with support in terms of strategy development and a perfect setup. Don’t forget that high-quality data is the foundation of strong media strategies and campaign success.
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Tag Manager 360

Tag Manager is an irreplaceable tool for managing a website’s marketing tags. Tag Manager 360 is an extension that removes some of the limitations of the basic free version and provides improved support and implementation services.

Data Studio

Dynamic and automated reporting is the logical result of data-driven multi-channel marketing. Data Studio allows data from various sources to be merged and transformed into graphics that can be analyzed. We have been using Data Studio for our reporting for some time now. Take advantage from our expertise and use the Google Data Studio’s free functions to make your reporting sustainable for the future.

Optimize 360

A/B testing is an indispensable method in digital marketing. Optimize 360 allows you to test different versions of a website and use the information gained to optimize the user experience. In addition, this feature can be linked with analytics to tailor websites towards specific user groups.

Surveys 360

Survey 360 brings market research to your company. Simple surveys can be processed and evaluated using the Google Marketing Platform tool. The link to other GMP tools also allows the survey to be delivered to desired target groups.

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