An integrated view of data structures and more efficient management of marketing activities can only be achieved by logically linking aggregated online and offline data.

Data management platforms (DMPs) create a synchronized link among a wide range of different data sources such as CRM, Web analysis, and first-party data. They structure, analyze, segment, and model visitor and customer groups based on user attributes, consumer behavior, topicality, and much more, with the objective of always being able to reach visitors in a highly targeted fashion, at the right time, and using the appropriate marketing channels.

ad agents is the partner of many DMP providers. We have the knowledge required to technically link databases, logically segment user data, and deliver ads at just the right time during the customer journey.

Services include

  • Provision and positioning of the DMP
  • Technical linking of online and offline data
  • Connection to DSP systems
  • Audience modeling
  • Customized target group segmentation