Data Driven Marketing

The dynamic delivery of ads to the agreed target group, avoidance of waste coverage, and the efficient management of digital advertising activities in accordance with customer-defined KPIs are the key disciplines of display marketing.

The digital ad market is currently undergoing rapid change, moving away from domain- and media-centric to user- and target group-centric delivery logics. User data for the targeted addressing of a wide range of target groups is also available for the online ad market and users in high-quality environments can be systematically targeted for the first time ever.

ad agents has state-of-the-art technology in terms of media and data exchanges, is familiar with a wide range of ad servers and DSP systems, and can adapt to customer architectures in terms of compatibility. Above all, we are experienced and have seasoned staff who use their expertise and creativity to help customers meet their campaign goals.


Services include:

  • Customized target group segmentation
  • Audience modeling
  • Target group expansion
  • Programmatic media buying
  • Development and rollout of remarketing campaigns
  • Campaign analysis
  • Continual campaign optimization