Satisfied employees and customers are the backbone of every company. We are open and considerate in our dealings with others and respect their views and opinions. The corporate culture at ad agents GmbH ensures that employees have an opportunity to grow and take on responsibility. Flat hierarchies and numerous benefits foster loyalty and an excellent workplace environment. Our employees are highly loyal and entrepreneurial, helping to strengthen our cooperation with our business partners.


Our actions are shaped by our commitment to quality and sustainability with the objective of building a long-term cooperation. We always plan and make decisions with our customers and partners in mind.


Collaboration based on trust is the core element of a partnership. Communication is the keyword: Rapid response times and customer proximity guarantee the highest level of productivity and satisfaction helping you achieve maximum success. We create trust by offering maximum transparency. Regular, customized reporting on the requested benchmarks, key performance indicators, and progress reports provide you a comprehensive overview and control of your projects and campaigns.


Our knowledge and experience provide us with a key long-term competitive advantage. To maintain this advantage, we give the highest priority to further development and regular internal and external training seminars. The continual monitoring of performance and results ensures consistently high standards of quality.