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Advertising Media – Banner & Video ads

As an advertiser in our digital world, you only have a few seconds to reach your target group with your message. We use our experience as an online and performance marketing agency to produce channel-specific advertising media that factors in everything that has an influence on the success of the campaign. Our team includes not only graphic designers and creative minds, but also account managers who manage campaigns themselves and know which advertising media work in which network.

We advise you on the right formats and channels for you, from GDN to Facebook to YouTube, develop banner designs, and produce target group-specific advertising media in all common formats and sizes, no matter whether they’re static or animated, from JPG to GIF to HTML5. Plus, we can also edit your video material down to create performance clips that can be transformed into video ads and unlock the potential of your moving image.

Wolfgang Schilling

„Strong advertising media are not only visually appealing, but above all, successful. Whether it’s branding or performance, we keep our sights set firmly on the objective at hand during the design phase and produce advertising media based on our years of experience – advertising that works.“

Wolfgang Schilling, Managing Director

Consultation on channels and formats

Are you unsure how best to reach your target group with your ad? We help you choose the right way to package your message, whether a banner or video, from which advertising network to use to file type and format. As part of this, we factor in the conditions of the given framework, such as your objectives, existing image and text elements, landing pages, and, of course, your CI specifications. We also bring our experience as a digital advertising agency to the table in order to create channel-specific banners and video ads that meet the requirements of the system in question (for example, GDN, Facebook, YouTube).


Banner design

Our team will develop a variety of drafts for a banner design based on the information you provide in your brief. You choose your favourite(s) and we will then perfect the banner, taking into account your feedback. If you already have concrete ideas that simply need to be implemented, then this part of the design process can be skipped and we will begin directly with the production of the master banner.

Master banner production

For us, producing a master banner means implementing a graphic or animation with the technical specifications you require. Once you have approved the master banner, it will serve as the basis for form adaptations.

verschiedene Formate

Form adaptation to all desired banner formats

A banner set can consist of over ten formats, depending on the advertising network. We convert the master banner into all desired formats and adapt each individual format to maximize the performance of the banner. There is a risk that readability will suffer on small, mobile formats in particular if the banner is not adapted accordingly. Once it is complete, the full banner set is approved by you and made available in the file format you have chosen (for example, JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML5).

Performance clips for video ads

Although there has been in increase in video advertising over the last couple of years, up until now, the overwhelming potential of moving image advertising in online and performance marketing has not yet been fully leveraged. This is mainly due to the fact that there are often no suitable video ads available. In order to advertise your product on YouTube, Facebook, or even Amazon, special video ads are needed that confront the user with the main information within seconds. We help you by shortening your video material to performance clips (cut-downs) in order to bring the essential images to the user in a just few seconds.

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