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Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a dynamic component of online marketing and is essential to the visibility of your website. A well-thought-out SEO strategy gives you a decisive competitive advantage. So how does it work?

Based on years of experience, we understand how to keep track of the ranking factors governing the algorithm of organic search results. We know how to prioritize and fine-tune these factors to optimize your website to keep climbing the ranking ladder, staying ahead of your competitors. We also keep a watchful eye on changes and developments at Google, such as the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence.

SEO consulting

At ad agents, we advise and support you in all aspects of search engine optimization. Benefit from our years of expertise and take advantage of the following SEO services:

Individualized SEO analysis

The first step of SEO-Consulting is an analysis: We take a close look at your website and measure its performance according to different SEO criteria. We provide you with an insight into what is currently performing well and where we see scope for improvement.

SEO consulting

We collaborate with you to design and develop your optimal SEO strategy and address all your search engine optimization questions. Naturally, we also provide you with regular and transparent reports on the performance and development of your website project.

SEO-seminars & workshops

We share our SEO experience and knowledge with you: For companies that create their own website or content in-house, we offer SEO training seminars and workshops to get your team SEO savvy.

mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

The number of online users via mobile devices is continually growing. Therefore, it is now critical to optimize your website into a mobile friendly format and, of course, take all relevant SEO aspects into account.

SEO mobile device strategy

A mobile SEO strategy must be responsive to new and diverse scenarios and support engaging and innovative user experiences. As experienced SEOs, we support you in finding and implementing a mobile SEO strategy that best fits your specific website. Of course, we factor in the latest Google algorithm developments, such as the 2021 integrated Core Web Vitals.

PageSpeed optimization

For mobile SEO, the website’s page speed is essential, as users quickly bounce if the loading time is too long. We check the PageSpeed of your website and discuss ways to optimize it if necessary.

Core web vitals

Google’s Core Web Vitals have been providing standardized quality signals since June 2021. These represent user experience on websites. Specifically, it assesses the loading process of a page, the page’s interactivity, and visual stability. We perform a Core Web Vitals audit for you and, if necessary, prepare a strategy with you on how to optimize the Core Web Vitals. User-friendliness is an essential factor in SEO.

Technical SEO implementation

Technical SEO implementation is an important part of search engine optimization: search engines like Google or Bing focus emphasis on how websites are set up technically. For example, indexing, crawling, but also loading times and internal linking are relevant. As professionals in the field of SEO, we assess and optimize your website setup and support you using the latest technologies and top network partners

Relaunch support

Do you want to adapt your website to the current standards of the online landscape? We accompany you through the relaunch! Since many development steps directly influence rankings, professional support for SEO-relevant implementations is highly recommended during the early website conception. Our team of experienced SEO specialists are available to advise you during the relaunch to ensure a smooth process in all phases of implementation – right up to the Go-Live launch.

Content Erstellung

Content audits and content creation

Your website’s content is an enormously powerful asset when it comes to SEO. Google favors websites which provide the user with high-quality text content featuring matching keywords. Not to mention the fact that the user themselves will also appreciate this relevance, improving user experience and website rankings in the process. Our content services include:

SEO content audit

In an SEO content audit, we create an in-depth review of all content on your website. We analyze the content with regard to multiple factors that directly or indirectly influence search engine rankings. If requested, we can also analyze your content in terms of language quality.

Strategic content consulting

Our SEO experts are happy to advise you on strategy regarding website content. We work with you to define specific target groups, determine the most appropriate content focus, language style, and conduct a detailed analysis of your competitors. We identify potential for optimization and, if desired, create an editorial action plan for your organization.

Keyword research

Keywords are an intrinsic part of website content and simply must be relevant to search engine algorithms. This is why we start with a tailored and meticulous keyword research review prior to content creation. Only by understanding the search queries of potential customers can we be responsive to their interests.

Content creation

Our team of experienced and multi-disciplined editors will create professional content for your website or online store. No matter your business sector or target audience – we will find the right words! In cooperation with you, we prepare a detailed briefing in which we establish your communication goals, target groups, preferences, and ideas. The result is original and lively content to attract and inspire your readers and score highly in search engine rankings.

Snippet optimization

In addition to a simple search results list, search engines also provide users with so-called snippets: An overview of search results in the form of a short and concise summary. This snippet often influences whether a user visits a website or not. We carefully analyze your snippets and optimize them in such a way that they have a positive effect on search engine rankings and encourage more users to click.

Seminars & content workshops

Do you have professionals and qualified editors in your team who may have limited experience with SEO? We will train your team, sharing our knowledge in seminars and hands-on workshops. We prepare them to write search-engine-optimized content. We focus on the most important aspects using practical examples. Our SEO specialists are always on hand to give you advice and support.

Link audits and link management

A healthy backlink profile is particularly important for the positioning and success of a website. Therefore, we offer link management and link auditing:

Link audits

Since backlinks are an important adjustment tool in search engine optimization, we check your backlinks during a link audit. This has become especially important since the last Google Penguin update. We identify toxic backlinks and evaluate the risk factors for your website.

Link management

Is your website suffering significant drops in rankings or is your Google traffic plummeting? Then it seems highly likely that Google has downgraded your site. As experienced SEO professionals, we can advise you about corrective measures and ways to avoid future demotions. We help you to build a higher high-quality backlink profile to boost your page rankings.

International SEO

Do you dream of business success not just within Germany, but also globally? We support you in this! The ultimate goal of our services is to develop and align your multilingual website content for specific countries, so you are well-prepared for success in the international market.

Video SEO

Images and videos are becoming increasingly important and influential in terms of search engine optimization. They help your content be found, matched to relevant search terms. Also, images can better present complex content and illustrate products in an attractive, visual way. We as an experienced SEO team, boost your searchability by integrating images and videos into the SEO strategy.


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