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Social media advertising

According to a study commissioned by the digital association Bitkom, 63 percent of users on social networks do not want to forego advertising because it helps them discover the latest offers and diverse topics they would otherwise have never come across. In view of high user engagement and the time spent on social media today, these platforms create unique opportunities for businesses to display their products and address potential buyers in specific target groups. From the initial contact, to activation, right through to purchase completion, social media channels generate opportunistic points of contact in the customer journey.

However, with countless different platforms and advertising options, it is time intensive to track them and note easy to back the right horse. We help you make smart choices in the platform jungle. Through strategic alliances with leading social media channels, we support you in both the strategic alignment and the operative implementation of your social media ads. Our experts understand the distinctive features, nuances, constraints, and requirements of the respective channels and will develop the optimal social advertising strategy for your individual needs. We help you to reach your target audiences and maximize the success of your campaign.



Irma Krenz

„There is arguably no other area that is developing as quickly as social media. We are in close contact with Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and all other leading social media platforms. Our experienced team is constantly testing new channels and features to provide you with the best possible setting to achieve your goals. Naturally, we provide comprehensive, strategic advice before we start implementing campaigns.“

Irma Krenz, Head of Display & Paid Social

Facbook/Instagram ads

As part of the Meta Group, Facebook and Instagram are still the largest social media networks and simply must be included your online marketing mix. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is primarily characterized by broad reach, excellent targeting filtering and very sophisticated advertising options and algorithms. We help you take full advantage of these opportunities and find the right settings for almost all industries and business goals!

Pinterest ads

Millions of users find inspiration on Pinterest. Pinterest is no longer limited to food and DIY content, and is now used across all markets, industries and sectors. Especially in the e-commerce segment, Pinterest is offering ever new opportunities to entice potential customers to spend. We support you in creating targeted incentives using Pinterest Ads and tap into an inquisitive user environment that actively seeks out innovative ideas, products, and inspiration.

LinkedIn/Xing ads

LinkedIn/Xing ads

Both in the B2B environment and in recruiting, the business networks LinkedIn and Xing are a popular point of contact and offer companies a wealth of opportunities to promote themselves. However, since the click prices are comparatively high here, it is important to advertise in a particularly targeted manner by choosing settings skillfully. Whether you want to generate leads or position yourself as an expert or as an attractive employer in a business community: We support you in reaching your goals as efficiently as possible.

TikTok ads

TikTok sees itself less as a social media network and more as an entertainment platform. This should be considered consciously in your advertising presence to successfully place TikTok ads. As experts, we take into account the unique characteristics of this specialized channel and help you exploit its full potential, in particular to attract younger target groups and win them over to your brand.

Snapchat ads

With post-millennials and Generation Y as its main target groups, Snapchat has pioneered stories and filters across the various social media platforms. The platform’s USP is the so-called Lens, often also referred to as Filter. This is becoming increasingly important for companies, such as furniture stores, which use AR technology to bring the furniture directly to the user’s home, giving them a realistic visualization of the product. As experts across all channels, we collaborate with you to take advantage of the opportunities to generate more awareness and showcase your products using the latest technology.


Tinder ads

The dating platform Tinder is becoming increasingly popular. Our experts fully understand the unique characteristics of this platform and can help you leverage Tinder to achieve your marketing goals. The constantly growing number of users offer advertisers attractive reach in specific target groups and highly attention-grabbing advertising placements. We combine these with creative content specifically tailored for the platform and user demographic. The result is high-reach marketing campaigns with a positive impact.


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