Social Media Advertising

Billions of people around the world navigate daily through the social media networks. Channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the business networks Xing and LinkedIn, and the video platform YouTube have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Which means that the potential for advertisers to connect with their target group via social media advertising is correspondingly high. Our innovative New Business team negotiates this dynamic environment, which regularly generates new advertising formats and ad display locations, with a lot of experience and a high level of curiosity. Our social media advertising experts are always closely following current developments. What’s more, they meticulously test what works best for our customers using certified management tools. Our activities are characterized by our orientation toward performance, which is firmly anchored in our agency’s DNA.

“The possibilities for targeted ads in social media advertising are unsurpassed. Social media advertising has long since stopped being just nice. It has now established itself as a strong performance channel. The advertising formats are very attention-grabbing because they are naturally integrated into their specific environment.” Andre Mornhinweg (Head of Display & Paid Social)


Exceptional possibilities for targeting

Social media networks offer amazing possibilities for targeting customers specifically. Facebook, in particular, enables an extremely granular target group selection and attractive retargeting options that effectively minimize waste coverage in social media advertising. Differentiating factors could be based on sociodemographics, interests, usage, competition, or geography, for example. In particular, in the B2B environment, the platforms Xing and LinkedIn enable companies to address their target groups specifically in the newsfeed or in lateral ad placements. In contrast to Facebook advertising, these business networks offer the opportunity to address target groups in a professional environment and to segment them according to exact job descriptions and industries.

Strong performance

Social media advertising is not only able to increase the awareness of a brand. In the meantime, it has also established itself as a strong and efficient performance channel that can be used to encourage interactions and conclude deals. With photo, video, product, and text ads in the newsfeed of the target group, the advertising message is losing its impact. Users rate ads with likes and share or even comment on them. The advertising formats are embedded in their environment in an eye-catching way, which means they achieve an extremely high response rate. Social media networks offer strong performance with complete control, since the costs incurred can be closely monitored and regulated at any time.

Our Social Media Advertising services

  • Custom definition of target groups and KPIs
  • Customized strategy development
  • Campaign set-up and continual optimization
  • Implementation of the latest advertising formats and target group options
  • Set-up of product feeds for dynamic remarketing
  • A/B and multivariate testing of various campaign elements
  • Detailed tracking and reporting for performance monitoring