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Display advertising

Whether attracting new customers or re-activating existing ones – Programmatic Display Advertising makes it possible to address target groups at every point in the sales funnel and potentially trigger a buying process. With the help of fixed placement, retargeting, real time bidding and variety of display networks, we can simultaneously increase brand awareness and stimulate new purchases to achieve growth in overall performance.

We identify your ideal target audience and best placements that will continually generate new, relevant users throughout your sales funnel. In addition, we help you make efficient use of your own data to reactivate existing customers as well as derive new, highly relevant target groups. Our experts master the entire spectrum of fixed placements, real-time bidding, and remarketing to develop the optimal strategy for a winning display campaign.

Irma Krenz

„Transparency and brand integrity remain key issues in display advertising. By using the Google Marketing Platform, we reliably manage your campaigns and purchase ad inventories in a savvy and comprehensible way. The possibilities of Programmatic Advertising are far from exhausted – we have the means to change that for you!“

Irma Krenz, Head of Display & Paid Social

The digital media landscape is constantly evolving, and programmatic buying is, by no means limited to traditional banner advertising. Our experts are up to date with the latest advances, so we can consult and support you in all aspects of programmatic advertising. We know best placement solutions for your brand, and we know how to make them work for you:

Video Advertising

Video advertising

Video have become an indispensable feature of the online advertising world. Emotional, moving images enhanced with audio messages are ideal to captivate your target audience and convey your own advertising and brand messages. The most popular and largest platform for video placement is, of course, YouTube. However, there are countless other options for placing in-stream and out-stream video ads. Our experts will be happy to advise you on how to best reach your target audience and advertising goals.

Native advertising

As a special form of display advertising, native ads offer clear advantages. They blend within the publisher’s editorial content, do not interfere with the flow of reading and are therefore less intrusive to users. With native ads, you can therefore generate attractive reach, brand recognition, and more engaged traffic. Take advantage of our diverse partners and technology in native advertising. Allow us to identify these opportunities and create optimal platforms and placements for you.


Online/Audio advertising (Programmatic & Podcast)

Nowadays, music is largely consumed on demand via various music streaming providers such as Spotify. Here, users are uniquely reachable in a wide variety of life scenarios that other advertising channels cannot cover. Whether commuting to work, exercising, cooking, cleaning, or other activities: Music and podcasts have become a constant companion for many people. We help you reach your target audience with online audio ads and podcast ads at exactly the right time and place. We will get you heard!

Adressable TV (ATV) / Connected TV (CTV)

The growing popularity of smart TVs is opening new opportunities in the digital marketing mix. Even without investing in big budget TV commercials, it is now possible to broadcast your message into the living rooms of your target audience. Using leading-edge technology, we place your ads directly in commercial breaks of on-demand streaming services. Thanks to multiple targeting options, this is now even more targeted than with traditional TV. SwitchIn banners and ATV spots also make linear TV affordable. We advise you how and get you onto the big screen!

Digital Out of Home

Classic outdoor advertising is now getting a digital update. Digital Out of Home (DOOH) combines the advantages of the two disciplines of billboard advertising and display advertising. With DOOH, your brand message is not only placed with static images on fixed surfaces, but also digitally displayed in public places with animated images and video. We manage the rollout of your campaign effectively, to maximize reach to your audience with targeted right time, right place delivery.


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