Display Advertising

The dynamic delivery of ads to the target group, avoidance of waste coverage, and the efficient management of digital advertising activities in accordance with customer-defined KPIs are the key disciplines of display advertising. Display advertising works primarily via graphic elements such as videos, animations, or images as a counterpart to text-laden search engine marketing, and is ideally suited to cultivating a brand and image. Display advertising can also increasingly generate specific actions by users thanks to extremely precise targeting options and data-driven ad display. New developments such as programmatic advertising and real-time bidding take display advertising to a new level, but also require knowledge of the technology and the well-constructed, profitable utilization of all available data.

Stefan Rabe

“We have state-of-the-art technology in terms of media and data exchanges and are familiar with a wide range of ad servers and DSP systems. There is nothing that we could not master in terms of technology.” Stefan Rabe (Director New Business)


In terms of compatibility, we as an agency for display advertising adapt perfectly to existing customer architectures. Above all, we have many years of experience in display advertising and employees who have their finger on the pulse of the time and use their expertise and creativity to help customers implement their campaigns.

Display advertising knows no limits

Display advertising is likely the most original form of online advertising. It transported the idea of traditional print advertising into the digital advertising world. The best-known category of this form of advertisement is still straightforward banner advertising. However, countless other formats such as skyscraper ads, layer ads, and pop-ups have emerged over time. While there are nearly limitless possibilities for display advertising formats, the range of ad display locations, which penetrate the entire Internet, is widely varied. These characteristics set display advertising apart from other formats and are the reason why it is still one of the most popular forms of digital advertising.

Programmatic advertising and real-time bidding

The digital ad market is currently undergoing rapid change, moving away from domain- and media-centric to user- and target group-centric delivery logics. Target groups can be addressed precisely and programmatically with user data that can be directly addressed. Such data includes sociodemographic data such as age and gender, and it also includes geographical factors, weather data, and browser information such as language settings. The automated purchase of online advertising space provides cost benefits and helps minimize waste coverage. The price for advertising in real-time bidding is negotiated in real time. Why not try us out? As an agency for display advertising we are happy to provide you with individual consultation. We can also implement a selection of services from our extensive portfolio with you.

Our Display Advertising services:

  • Customized target group segmentation
  • Audience modeling
  • Target group expansion
  • Programmatic media buying
  • Development and rollout of remarketing campaigns
  • Campaign analysis
  • Continual campaign optimization