Digital Marketing Consulting

The digital transformation is also altering the communication landscape. New technologies, players, and advertising methods are conquering the market. Companies now face the challenge of establishing the right setup for both current and future communication.

woflgang“Digital communication is blurring the boundaries between sales and marketing. It’s crucial to create the right communication concepts today so you don’t fall behind in the competition tomorrow. Digital communication affects everyone!” Wolfgang Schilling (Managing Director).


Your goals take center stage

We show you how to use digital channels to sustainably reach your goals, whatever they may be – from selling products and services, to supporting sales and approaching international markets, to achieving above-average growth.

Customized communication strategy

We start by taking stock of your current situation, and take a holistic approach to creating the perfect digital communication strategy for you. We provide you with a perfectly tailored, complementary set of measures to address a range of topics, from selecting technology, to data usage, to finding the best possible combination of digital channels.

Depending on the customer’s situation, our communication concept contains elements of various different types of consulting. We start with your current position in mind, and usher you towards your goal. What are you waiting for?

Services include

Digital sales and marketing concepts

You need to follow clear goals in order to achieve measurable results. We work together with you to define your short-, medium-, and long-term goals and identify the conditions necessary for achieving them. We then closely analyze your starting situation. We examine your entire technical setup via data and Web analysis, and also take into account the competitive landscape, your brand’s status, and the tools you’re currently using. Building off of that, we help you chart the best course for achieving your goals. Detailed budgeting and optimized media planning are essential parts of this process.

Digital technologies

No digital communication can take place without the help of technology. The array of technological tools and systems available today is large and complex, ranging from analysis software and ad servers, to data management platforms, to tracking systems. We possess in-depth knowledge of the wealth of technical solutions on the market. We also do an excellent job of assessing future developments, thanks to our various collaborations with solutions providers as well as our continuous market observation. We use this information as a basis for designing the perfect set of interconnecting tools and systems for our customers.

Training and workshops

We’d like to share our knowledge with you! Are you interested in gaining a better understanding of digital communication or online marketing? Do you want to train your employees in-house? Contact us. We address your training needs through individual training sessions and hands-on workshops where we share our insights and expertise with you. We can also help you build up your in-house skills via long-term knowledge transfer projects.

Digital media

Which online media should your company use? How can you calculate reach? What are the cost structures involved? How do the media convert, and which KPIs can they influence? What kind of interactions should you take into account? These are all key questions when it comes to digital media. Companies can make good use of search machines, social networks, marketplaces, and affiliate networks, as well as a whole range of other tools and options. We identify the best combination of media for you to reach your goals.

Digital advertising

Nowadays, hardly any companies use only a single form of digital advertising – in most cases, they use a mix of text, display, content, and video advertising. We mix up the perfect advertising cocktail for you, drawing upon the strengths of each form.

Data management

Digitization makes it possible to capture, link, and profitably use large amounts of data. Data quality plays an important role in these processes.
Firstly, you must have optimally prepared product data in order to ensure a successful online presence. We show you how your product data needs to be designed, enriched, and transmitted.
Secondly, you need to capture and use user data in order to address your target audience. To do so, you need to logically link online and offline data with the help of data management platforms (DMPs). You’ll receive a personalized strategy for capturing user data in a data pool and using it to address your target audience.