Digital Marketplaces: Marketing for Amazon, Zalando, Otto and more

More and more consumers are using Amazon as a starting point for researching products on the Internet: The site has developed into the most important online POS (point of sale). Retailers and manufacturers benefit from Amazon’s enormous range. Where are your products placed on this massive virtual shelf? Are they at eye level? Or do customers have to ‘bend down’ to discover them?
We consult providers in all areas of Amazon services and work with them to develop targeted strate-gies. Depending on the customer request, we implement operational concepts or enhance your expertise through workshops and training sessions. Sustainably increasing sales calls for taking a professional approach to organic searches (Amazon SEO) as well as Amazon Advertising (Amazon SEA).

SEO for Amazon

Good placement within the Amazon product search results is key to success on Amazon. We take over the entire Amazon marketplace optimization process for you, drawing on our in-depth expertise and wealth of experience to ensure that your products gain greater visibility. Your seller or vendor central is in good hands with us, and you are sure to enjoy greater revenues.
Aike Schultheis
“Customers can rely on us for sustainable, successful Amazon SEO management. We ensure that your product placements gain national as well as international visibility.” Aike Schultheis, Head of SEO

Product page management
Amazon has very specific relevance factors that have a major impact on rankings – the main ones are the title, highlights (bullet points), product descriptions, and search terms. We create and maintain high-quality content and use all available space to ensure that your products are displayed with the greatest possible relevance. Our professional approach and continuous monitoring of all changes improves the user experience for your products and increases the conversion rate.

Product data
We take care of your product data, improve handling, and discover untapped potential. You benefit from our highly qualified team, our technical expertise, and our many years of experience in pro-cessing and enriching product data.

Editorial Team
A key component of Amazon SEO is professional content optimization for keywords that users actually search for. To address this, we work with our specially trained Amazon Editorial Team, which researches the best keywords for your products and integrates them into the areas of Amazon content that are relevant to ranking. Process-controlled, continuous content optimization ensures that your products are always visible.

Monitoring and reporting
We provide you with an overview: How have the rankings changed, on which pages are your key products displayed, which campaigns made an impact, and where does the competition stand? Our regular ranking analyses show you in detail how your products are developing and create opportunities for you to take targeted measures.

Amazon A+ Management
A+ pages are additional pages where, against a fee, you can present the benefits of your key products in an informative, comparative, and richly detailed way in order to enhance the user experience and increase the conversion rate. We create A+ templates that comply with the relevant guidelines and which can be enriched with content, images, infographics, and comparison tables, depending on your CI specifications.

Advertising for Amazon 

It’s just as important to actively promote yourself where users can see you as it is to concentrate on ranking optimization – you can achieve this through paid advertising, better known as Amazon Advertising. This platform provides targeted advertising formats on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, which are of particular interest to manufacturers. We provide high-quality campaign management to demonstrably increase your revenues.
“Amazon SEA is performance marketing par excellence, and represents a great deal of potential for boosting sales. Well-thought-through Amazon Advertising campaigns help our customers achieve an incredible amount of success. Selling through Amazon represents an unparalleled internationalization strategy.” Aike Schultheis, Head of SEO

Keyword research and initial set-up
Your campaign begins with a sophisticated campaign structure. We define suitable advertising for-mats, select your products together with you, and determine the target group that will guarantee your success based on keywords.

Analysis and optimization
After the campaign launches, ongoing monitoring and targeted analyses are key to achieving your goals. We always keep an eye on your KPIs and provide you security through regular performance analyses. You receive detailed evaluations on various levels, such as keywords, products, or display formats.

Ongoing changes are par for the course in the product environment. We immediately adapt to every change in Amazon Advertising that isn’t handled automatically. Examples of these kinds of changes include product discontinuation due to availability, change of range, or profitability guidelines. As such, we guarantee continuous, targeted campaign delivery as well as lasting cost efficiency.

You regularly receive highly detailed yet manageable reports that provide transparent information about the development of your campaigns and target attainment in line with your KPIs.