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Amazon & Marketplaces: Marketing on Amazon, Otto, Zalando and more

More and more consumers use marketplaces, like Amazon, as their first port of call for product searches. This sales platform has evolved into the most important online POS (point of sale) platform. Manufacturers and retailers benefit from the enormous reach of Amazon and similar digital marketplaces. Where is your place on this online shelf? At eye level? or do customers have to “stoop down” to the bottom shelf to stumble across your products?

As one of the leading digital marketplace agencies, we have expertise to give trustworthy advice to companies on all aspects of presenting and promoting products in marketplaces such as Amazon, OTTO, Zalando, eBay, etc. We work closely with clients to devise target-oriented strategies and increase sales. Depending on customer wishes, we implement concepts into business operations and/or develop their skills in workshops and training sessions. After all, to sustainably increase sales, both organic search advertising and display (SEA/DSP) optimization require professional handling in digital marketplaces.


„Competition for top positions on Amazon is intensifying. Vendors must do their homework to emerge as winners. The cornerstone of successful marketing on Amazon remains ASIN data accuracy, i.e., the continual maintenance of product information pages. In addition, Amazon Advertising, A+ Content and Amazon Stores are essential tools to leverage user engagement and product value to best profit from Amazon’s enormous reach.“

Aike Schultheis, Head of Marketplaces

SEO for Amazon

A pre-requisite for success on Amazon is high-ranking placements in product search. We manage the entire marketplace optimization on Amazon for you. With excellent expertise and a wealth of experience, your products receive high visibility. You’ll be in good hands and can be sure of higher sales returns.

Product page management

Amazon has very specific relevance factors and settings that significantly impact product rankings, especially headlines, highlights (bullet points), product descriptions and search terms. To ensure that your products are displayed with the highest possible relevance, we create and maintain quality, high-relevant content and utilize as much space as possible. Our skillful work and continuous review of each and every change, improves the user experience of your products and boosts conversions.

Product data

We take care of your product data, improve handling and unleash untapped potential. You receive help from our highly qualified team, our technical expertise and our many years of experience in processing and enriching product data.

Product Images, Video Management & 360° Spin Images

Product images on Amazon are the ‘digital packaging’ of the online space: better quality and image detail equates to higher click-through rates and conversions. In the age of Reels and TikTok, moving images and short videos are becoming increasingly pertinent to stand out from the competition.

We enrich your product detail page with a compelling video and support you in using interactive 360° Spin Images, so that customers can visualize products from all sides. In this way, shoppers get as close as possible to the physical feel of the product, which has positive influence on your customers’ buying decisions.

Editorial team

A core component of Amazon SEO is professional content optimization, including the creation of relevant content, enrichment with images and the addition of clear product information. For this purpose, we work with our specially trained Amazon Editorial Team, who research relevant keywords specific to each product and integrates them into the ranking-relevant areas of the Amazon. Continual and systematic optimization of the content ensures the long-term visibility of your products.

Monitoring & Reporting

We present you with an overview of the big picture: How have rankings changed? Which pages are your key products being displayed on? Which initiatives have had a significant impact? How do your competitors compare? Our regular ranking reports show you, in detail, the performance of your products and provide scope for strategic targeting action.

Bridgerstone Motorrad A+

Amazon A+ Management

A+ pages are added pages where you can present the benefits of your main products in an informative, comparative, and detailed way to improve the user experience and higher conversion rates. We take care of guideline-compliant A+ templates, which can be enriched with content, images, infographics and comparison tables, depending on your CI specifications. In the gallery you can find examples of A+ pages from our customers.



With A+ Premium, Amazon empowers merchants to highlight their content more extensively. Our team supports you all the way, from the creative design and layout phase to the implementation and transition to more Amazon marketplaces internationally. The embedding of videos, sliders and interactive widgets significantly increase conversions and reduce product returns, because products are optimally presented and described in a brand-complimentary style. All are displayed in a responsive and mobile friendly format.

A+ Premium Gardena


With several hundred million active customer accounts worldwide, Amazon is recognized as one of the most preferred digital marketplaces. Expansion into additional countries presents an exciting opportunity for both vendors and retailers to not only display their brand, but also to drive their business to a new level of growth. However, internationalization poses a number of challenges. That is why we aid our clients both operationally and strategically in the development of new marketplaces. Be it new product listings, search engine optimization using relevant factors and A+ pages, brand stores or advertising campaigns – our team consists of native speakers who create professional and country-specific content. Our language portfolio includes all languages of the global Amazon marketplace.

Advertising for Amazon

Equally important as ranking optimization is proactive placement in the user’s field of vision – with paid ads, known as Advertising for Amazon (formerly Amazon Marketing Services, AMS). Especially for manufacturers, the platform offers targeted advertising formats on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. We ensure measurable increases in sales with high-quality campaign management.

Keyword research and initial setup

Your campaign is founded on a sophisticated campaign structure. We define the most suitable advertising platforms, work together with you to define your product suite, select relevant keywords based on your target group, ensuring maximum performance and success.

Analysis & Optimization

Once the campaign has started, continual monitoring and targeted optimization are the key to achieving your goals. We always keep a close eye on your KPIs and offer reassurance through regular analysis, performance reports and continuous optimization.


In the product environment, continuous change is the norm. For instance, products are discontinued due to unavailability, product lines are replaced, or amendments to Amazon Profitability Guidelines. We are on top of this and immediately adjust all non-automatic changes for you in the AMS. In this way, we ensure continuous and targeted campaign performance as well as lasting cost efficiency.


We generate clear and detailed reports on a regular basis that provide you with transparent information about campaign development and level of success in reaching your KPIs. Our reports include comprehensive evaluations of keywords, products and ad formats.

Brand Store Building on Amazon

Amazon Stores allow a customized display for brand owners to stand out from the crowd. The free Amazon stores offer a wide range of design options to create a unique shopping experience for users. Focus can be placed on individual products or an entire product range. Within the scope of this available design freedom, it is possible to incorporate the user’s own corporate branding. In this way, we can transform Amazon from a classic product search engine into a brand-compliant web store. Here, we can convey the company’s history in addition to your product presentation. With our knowledge and creativity, we create individually tailored Amazon Brand Stores that meet the high demands of our clients and offer the end customer an enjoyable shopping experience.

DSP for Amazon

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display, video and audio ads both on and off Amazon. Whether the client is an active seller or vendor on Amazon is irrelevant. Thanks to the immense treasure trove of data that Amazon owns about its customers, you can address exclusive target groups in a very differentiated, targeted manner. We have the right skills to create innovative and targeted campaigns for you – from branding to remarketing, for your specific target audience, and regardless of whether you advertise your products on Amazon or directly in your own web store.

As one of the few agencies in Germany, we are able to offer you access to Amazon’s demand-side platform without any minimum requirements. In consultation, we create custom-fit campaigns tailored to meet your specific objectives, for your desired target groups, and for each layer of the sales funnel. We also support you in the creation of customized advertising products.

Top Gun Zalando

Other marketplaces

In addition to Amazon, the undisputed market leader, other online marketplaces have established themselves and are enjoying significant popularity. Foremost among these are eBay and OTTO as all-purpose marketplaces for fashion, shoes, furniture and more. Zalando and Douglas are now proven marketplaces for fashion and beauty products. Each marketplace has its own rules and presents retailers with a new set of challenges.


Product data management and marketplace SEO

The number and significance of the respective marketplaces are constantly changing. We stay on the ball for you. We check the extent to which these platforms can benefit you with broader target groups and more traffic. To ensure that your products are optimally visible on the respective marketplace, we take care of product data management and optimization (marketplace SEO) in line with each marketplace’s specific rules and ranking algorithm.


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