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Product data management

If you want to be successful when selling your products online, you need intelligent product data management (PDM) to correctly present the products and always keep them up-to-date. Product search engines such as Google Shopping have long since established themselves and serve as a sales-building pillar of the marketing mix. However, preparing and importing large quantities of data for products is challenging. Each channel has its own data requirements. We work closely together with our customers to develop customized data feed processes for optimal product data management, regardless of whether it is for Google or Bing Shopping, price search engines, or product carousel ads on social media channels such as Facebook.

Our centralized configuration for all target channels offers the greatest transparency and enables efficient management. We can process and update large quantities of product data in short cycles thanks to automated solutions. We give your products the attention they deserve, everywhere and always up-to-date.

Wolfgang Schilling

„The prices and availabilities of large retailers are ever changing. We’re able to update millions of product data hourly. Product data feeds are essentially alive, so they need to be processed dynamically.“

Wolfgang Schilling, Managing Director

Automated processes for maximum efficiency

Data feeds can only be efficiently delivered by using highly standardized processes. The magic word is automation. The Shopping Feed Optimizer (SFO) is a tool that uses a direct interface to the search engines of Google and Bing. We are immediately alerted to error messages and can then process them directly in the SFO tool. In addition to the SFO tool, we offer customized interface programming. We also use crawlers, which enables us to scan our customers’ online shops and obtain missing information directly on the product detail pages.

Ensuring the highest level of quality

Our product data feeds are carefully enriched and meet the highest quality standards. We generally optimize the data feeds for the search engines of Google and Bing, which lay out the most critical conditions. A Google Shopping data feed that is intelligently maintained can also easily be used for marketplaces such as Amazon or other product search engines. Various quality assurance measures guarantee the excellent standard of our product data feeds.


Holistic Data-Feed management

We support our customers in all three essential steps of product data management: The first step is to import the data from the customer’s server. We are extremely flexible when it comes to the sources, systems and formats. In the second step, we merge all product data into a master data feed and refine it. The refinement process of our master data feed is quite complex. We fill the data feed with up to 100 parameters using various methods to ensure that all necessary information is available for the retrieval process. Where applicable, we then derive multiple, individual data feeds and refine them to specific target channels. Finally, we export the enriched data feed to the desired target channels.

Quality management

To meet the highest quality standards, we have integrated various security mechanisms into our process. For example, we check data feeds before exporting them based on file size, update data and the number of products in order to detect and correct errors at an early stage.

Selection & connection to distribution channels

Our refined master product data feed meets the most stringent requirements and can easily be fed into up to sixty price comparison sites. The data feed is then exported on a customer-specific basis. As a networking specialist, we keep a comprehensive overview and gladly guide our customers through suitable distribution sites.

Communication with customers, search engines & partners

If we discover data integrity issues in a customer feed, we proactively alert the client. For example, there may be contradictory information or technical problems on a product detail page. Thanks to our monitoring tools, like crawling the online stores, we are always abreast of the state of product data quality. In addition, we apply custom labels to share information to stakeholders in the marketing process and to enable efficient campaign management. Our close relationship with technology partners and search engines such as Google or Bing guarantees proactive, predictive, and intelligent product data management.

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