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agento24 – Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)

There was a profound change that took place in Google Shopping last year. Google opened its Shopping ads to include other price comparisons and product searches in order to meet the competition requirements of the European Commission. Retailers who submit their Shopping ads to Google via a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) can save up to 20 percent of their advertising budget while maintaining the same reach or they can even increase their traffic at the same cost. Our CSS enables all merchants to profit from the considerably reduced click prices in Google Shopping auctions quickly, securely, and legitimately.

Wolfgang Schilling

„With agento24, we provide all market participants access to considerable savings in the area of Google Shopping, regardless of whether we manage their Shopping campaigns as an agency or not. Our comprehensive expertise and experience puts us in a position to reliably display Shopping ads via our CSS and, if desired, to efficiently manage the campaigns.“

Wolfgang Schilling, Managing Director

Google Shopping – react and save money with agento24

Google calculates an estimated 20 percent margin for its own price comparison service Google Shopping in order to boost competition for the popular shopping ads and avoid additional penalties from the E.U. This is deducted from the bid placed, meaning that only 80 percent actually goes to the auction. A retailer can reduce their auction bid considerably, depending on the arrangement with the CSS, without losing reach in comparison to the traditional Google Shopping ads.


Background information

The importance of Google Shopping had grown so much by 2017 that the European Commission took notice. Google’s search results only included products from its own price comparison site Google Shopping ( The E.U. imposed a record antitrust fine of €2.42 billion on Google on the grounds that the U.S.-based company had favored its own products over competitors in comparison services and it forced Google to open its shopping ‘playground’ for rival products and price comparisons in searches.


What is a CSS?

Comparison Shopping Services are price comparison sites or product searches where users search for products and see results from different manufacturers and retailers. There is hardly any difference between Shopping ads on Google’s search result pages incorporated in the auction via a Google-approved CSS such as agento24 versus those placed via Google Shopping’s price comparison. The only difference is that ‘By agento24’ is displayed, instead of ‘By Google.’ The direct link to the online shop when clicking the product remains.

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