Analytics & Data

An analysis of the flow of visitors to the website is fundamental for a variety of business decisions – strategic and operational, online and offline. A high-quality analysis reveals details on behaviour, interests, characteristics of prospective customers, product preferences, regional differences, access sources, the medium used and much, much more.

While many companies make use of Google Analytics, mid-size and B2B companies, in particular, often do not exploit the potential of this powerful tool.

Our job is to work with the customer to define target KPIs and success factors, and then use tracking and Google Analytics to help attain the goals.

woflgangThere are two key steps: Step 1 involves finding the right data, which is rather technical in nature, while step 2 encompasses correctly interpreting information and gaining insights that leads to the successful adaptation of the online strategy.“ Wolfgang Schilling, Managing Director ad agents.

Our Analytics & Data services


Status quo analyse

What is already being analysed, and what are the results of the analysis? Every Google Analytics project begins with a status quo analysis. As a first step, we check the technical implementation as well as the goals set for the existing Web analysis. We examine the current situation in terms of issues and insights.

Measuring KPIs

We define measurement points together with the customer. Based on empirical values, we advise the customer in regards to potential KPIs suitable for the measurement.

Technical implementation

Together with the IT department or a technical service provider, we gather data. We accompany and support you as you integrate the tracking set-up and provide recommendations for Google Tag Manager dataLayer integration. We prepare the implementation guide for the technical agency. This guide contains, for example, detailed specifications on (enhanced) e-commerce tracking.

Data visualisation

Graphical data preparation is important for improving how your online activities are evaluated. Based on the defined KPIs, we develop useful dashboards that provide a quick, easy-to-understand overview and visualise the flow of visitors, changes and goals that have been reached. When creating the dashboards, we work both with Google Analytics and with the new Google Data Studio tool.

Operational support

Depending on the customer’s wishes, we can provide ongoing support for the analysis for you. We create regular reports, assist in interpreting the results of the analysis and provide recommendations on ways to optimise websites and campaigns. We are always up-to-date on the latest technical trends and tools, and can provide you with valuable tips.

Workshops, training, support

We provide you with the information you need. We perform training and transfer knowledge to you, all tailored to meet your individual needs. This includes everything from the general principles behind Google Analytics to teaching special skills and specific core topics.