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Analytics & Data

Quality data is the foundation on which online marketing is built upon. Every digital interaction triggers valuable data by potential customers. Data is the now the most valuable raw asset in online marketing. As every aspect of normal life becomes digitalized, customers generate massive amounts of data across a wide variety of touchpoints during their customer journey. This data needs to be collected, interpreted and broken down skillfully before it can be used in a meaningful way.

Thanks to our many years of expertise in data collection and data analytics, we can help you to tap into and best use big data. We know how to identify your clientele, based on your own data and then put it into context. You will understand your clients better and in much more detail, enabling more informed decisions for your marketing strategy.

Wolfgang Schilling

„There are two essential steps: First, obtaining the right data – a more technical element – and in the next step, the right interpretation and insight generation that leads to the successful adaptation of the online strategy.“

Wolfgang Schilling, Managing Director


Data collection

Data can be collected from a wide variety of systems: Via the company’s own website, apps or external tools such as Facebook and Google Ads. Combined, they all map the digital behavior of your clients’ customer journey. As experts in digital analytics, we help you identify all these digital touchpoints and map the customer journey accurately.


As with all systems, it is important to record the data correctly. This is the only way to map accurately and avoid poor decisions based on ambiguous or misleading information. We produce a report for you on all current tracking technologies in place. By eliminating existing data errors, we expect quick wins as well as a clear roadmap for the further development of digital touchpoint analysis.


An audit alone is not enough. All recommendations must also be implemented accordingly. We take care of the implementation of tracking technologies using common tag management solutions. Deeper integrations may require adjustments to the web code, here we work with, guide and support your technical service provider and manage the implantation.

Consent management

In most cases, the collection and analysis of user data requires the consent of the customer. Many companies have limited knowledge of data regulations and run the risk of violating the GDPR during and after integration. As experienced professionals in this area, and in cooperation with our technology partner Usercentrics, we ensure that all marketing systems are integrated in compliance with the GDPR as part of the audit.

Data quality

Technologies and websites are constantly changing. A loss of data or the capture of incorrect user data due to small adjustments to a website can quickly affect the targeting of your marketing activity and have costly implications. We’re there to make sure that this does not happen to you. To do this, we develop a joint monitoring process that constantly reviews all relevant touchpoints and tracking technologies.



Data in its raw form usually offers cloudy insight. Due to the use of various tracking and marketing technologies, important user data and information about the customer journey are usually stored in various data sources. We support you in putting the acquired data into the right context you need for a data-driven business and marketing strategy.

Data processing

Data silos are a major obstacle for digital marketing and customer journey analysis. Insights about user behavior have big implications for business strategy as well as budget allocation in marketing spend. Together, we break down the silos. We link existing data-generating systems and create a single database for you in which all customer touchpoints are interconnected and easily accessible.

Data visualization

The graphical presentation of data is essential to direct the enormous mass of information into interpretable channels and to derive concrete decisions and strategies from it. Driven by the latest automation and Big Data technology, we create dashboards to simply and clearly identify meaningful trends in marketing activities and customer journey mapping.

Predictive analytics

Only by knowing the past, can you understand the present to best shape the future. You will discover new and innovative ways to increase profitability and optimally manage your marketing budgets by predicting the future. Based on your data, our data science specialists use statistical models and machine learning to predict the likelihood of future developments.


In data-driven marketing, decisions are made based on data and scientific approaches, not assumptions. Changes to a website without prior testing can have a massive negative impact on customer behavior, resulting in prohibitive costs and loss of potential revenue. We help you identify the key KPIs in an A/B test and support you with statistical evaluation. Many A/B testing tools represent an additional data silo. We break down and integrate this silo, enabling you to keep a holistic view of the impact of A/B testing on the customer journey.

Workshops & Training

The number of tools in digital marketing is increasing every day. Building knowledge, keeping up to date, integrating the latest tools and working with them takes a lot of time. We take this huge amount of time off your hands. Our specialists are happy to share their knowledge and take you and your employees to the next level in digital marketing. Whether it’s technical questions about a new marketing tool, evaluation options in your web analytics system or the joint development of your digital analytics strategy – you decide the topic and we deliver productive collaborative training programs.


Is project-based work not your focus? Would you like to have a dedicated contact person at all times, without having to negotiate new contracts? Are you looking for a dependable partner to advance your digital strategy at eye level and at any time? Then book regular consultations with us. All the aforementioned services are included. You decide the focus, we implement it. When it comes to website changes or new trends in digital marketing, we are already active and will support you in driving your digital agenda at each and every time.


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