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Work-Life-Balance is more than a buzzword

One thing is clear: In order to deliver top performance, our agents have to be in top shape. We provide the framework for this, convince yourself!


The conditions

Salary: With us you can expect a fair salary.

Working hours: Working hours are recorded electronically, overtime is paid 1:1. No agent works more than contractually agreed.

Individual working time models: Depending on your needs, we offer part-time solutions as well as flexible working time solutions. We find the right model for every agent and every life situation!

Mobility: We work with modern laptops and can operate flexibly from our home office if required.

Digital: Not only our business, but also our collaboration is characterized by digital collaboration thanks to Office 365!



Events: Whether it’s bowling, drinks on the sky deck or a summer party, our bosses know how to spend quality time.

Fitness program: After work hours, we always try our hand at various sports like soccer, laser tag or basketball. Do you have a new suggestion? Always bring it to us!

Foosball: What would a decent agency be without foosball? Right, a naughty agency.

Family environment: We treat each other as equals – the “you” is part of our daily tone!

Office dogs: Your four-legged friend is welcome on our dog floor.


Expand Knowledge

Onboarding & familiarization: We focus on thorough onboarding and familiarization that will make you start with a good feeling.

Training & knowledge transfer: We have so many brilliant minds that it would be negligent not to learn from each other. We have the appropriate internal formats for this. To stay up-to-date, we also regularly attend external events, conferences or seminars.

Project groups: We give you the opportunity to think outside the box and get involved in interdisciplinary projects. There, for example, we deal with topics within the agency’s daily routine or new, promising marketing technologies.

Learning & error culture: Informal learning according to the 70-20-10 rule is very important to us! Learning on the job, support from a mentor, assumption of responsibility and trial & error are necessary to become better and better.


Body & Soul

Company doctor: Our company doctor will visit you regularly to check on your well-being, if you wish.

Food & drink: You certainly don’t have to go thirsty, because water, tea & coffee are for free. A well-equipped kitchen invites you to have a do-it-yourself lunch. If you like it more convenient, you can take advantage of the diverse culinary offerings right in our neighborhood. For dessert there is occasionally cake from the colleagues.

Pension plan: We support you beyond the legal obligations with the company pension plan.

Bike leasing: You can lease the bike of your choice from us and use it to keep fit both privately and on your way to the office.

Sabbatical: We offer the opportunity for a longer sabbatical or special travel wishes with our long-term holidays.